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The new vitola Cohiba Siglo de Oro

This vitola will be the first to include NFC technology in its cases, which will allow fans to verify its authenticity and learn more details about the product.- Habanos S.A

With the launching of this new product from the Cohiba brand, the most prestigious in the world of Habanos. The leading premium tobacco company honors the 30th anniversary of the 1492 Line, one of Cohiba's most successful lines.

Cohiba Siglo de Oro is presented in a special case with 18 Habanos made "Totally by Hand with Long Filler Filler", after a careful selection of wrapper, filler and binder leaves from the most prestigious area, Vuelta Abajo, in the region of Pinar del Río, Cuba.

However, its limited production and the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Cohiba's 1492 line is not only what will make this vitola unique. Cohiba Siglo de Oro will be the first Habanos, S.A. vitola to incorporate an NFC chip in its cases that aficionados will be able to scan to verify the product's authenticity and learn more details about it.

Cohiba is the most renowned Habanos brand in the world. That's why we wanted to take this opportunity to present such a special vitola as Cohiba Siglo de Oro and to showcase the implementation of NFC technology to make fans' experience even more complete," Habanos, S.A. explained.

Cohiba Siglo de Oro

Vitola de Salida: Siglo de Oro

Galley band: Exitosos

Size: 54 x115 mm long

Tasting Notes:

Layer: light colored, smooth, with great brightness, without veins, oily and beautiful construction. Cold tasting, green tea tones and light hints of white pepper, with subtle earthy aromas.

Construction firm to the touch

Shot: excellent

Combustion: Perfect

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