Montecristo Churchills Añejados - Box of 25 Cigars
  • Montecristo Churchills Añejados - Box of 25 Cigars

    The Montecristo Churchills Añejado is part of Habanos' Añejado (Spanish for aged) program. It involves allowing rolled & un-banded Cuban cigars to age for a period of five years – they’re then placed into undecorated boxes.


    These cigars are then inspected, banded and packaged - ready to ship. The vitola of this line is completely new to the Montecristo range. This is the first and only Churchill sized cigar which sports the brand's band - making it an instant collectable.


    This smoke is particularly favoured by those who appreciate the evolution of a good Cuban cigar. Its large and robust size rewards the smoker with developing flavours - it is particularly suited around a poker table.


    Origin:    Cuban
    Manufactured:    Hand made
    Flavour:    Medium to full
    Length:    178mm
    Vitola de galera:    Julieta No. 2
    Ring:    47


      The Price are in Pesos (MXN)