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La Casa del Habano Puerto Vallarta

As the only official Cuban cigar franchise in Puerto Vallarta, La Casa del Habano offers more than 200 vitolas of exclusive Cuban cigars.


With over 20 years at the same location, we have a long history and vast experience in the world of cigars.


During your stay in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, don’t miss the opportunity to share a true Havana experience, with famous brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo & Julieta, and many more.


Our comfortable air-conditioned lounge and wide selection of Cuban rum are the perfect complement to your smoking experience. Or, if you prefer, enjoy our Cuban mojitos and daiquiris. We also offer a long list of fine tequila and whisky. Our specialty coffee, locally roasted and blended to pair with Cuban cigars, is exceptional, and of course, we provide free Wi-Fi.

Come enjoy the perfect ambiance for unlocking the island treasures of Cuba with us. Let our lounge enhance your dining, golfing or fishing experience while in Puerto Vallarta. 

A brief history of Habanos by Gerry Cohen:


Over six centuries ago, Christopher Columbus discovered not only America, but also what we know today as Habanos—the Cuban cigar. 

It is said that when he landed, he and his party came across a group of native Indians smoking large leaves with great enjoyment. Columbus, then turned to his party and commented, in his native tongue, “Qué cigarro!!!” This roughly translates to “Hey guys, look at the big fatties they’re smoking!” and thus the cigar was born.


Over time, Habanos were embraced by high society, becoming part of the la dolce vita portrayed throughout art, music, and film.


Habanos have been smoked and enjoyed by countless Hollywood stars and, of course, famous personalities such as Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy.


Why? The taste. Habanos have two secret ingredients: the Cuban soil and the Cuban pride that motivates everyone from the farmer who plants the seed to the roller who makes the cigars.


Now, with over 35 factories producing over 700 vitolas, many consider Cuban cigars to be the best in the world.


A little bit about the owner, Gerry Cohen


As a cigar connoisseur, Gerry Cohen brings a unique passion to La Casa del Habano. Smoking a sample from every box in the humidor, Gerry ensures that only the highest-quality true Habanos are made available to his clients.


Having written numerous articles published by Cigar Aficionado and Smoke Magazine, out of New York City, along with Epicur from Spain and European Cigar Cult Journal, based in Germany, Gerry is recognized worldwide as an expert in the gold standard of cigars—the unique Habano cigar.


Gerry has travelled and worked extensively throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, exploring and experiencing the best tobacco in the world. After many trips to Cuba and falling in love with Habanos, in 1998, Gerry took a risk and opened his very own Casa del Habano in Puerto Vallarta, now one of the oldest franchises in Mexico.


Catering to both international and local clients, Gerry offers a completely unique cigar experience based on his lifetime of smoking all vitolas of cigars, Cuban and non-Cubans alike. He has organized more than three thousand events related to Cuban cigars for his clients and is famous for his conviction that you should trust your palate and smoke what you like.


Come and enjoy an authentic Habano experience with Gerry any day of the week.

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