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Mezcal tasting with cigars.

Updated: Apr 14

We start March with company. Today we met to taste the delicious artisan mezcals “Noble Mestizo”.

In addition to enjoying our cigars, creating a wonderful fusion of flavors and an excellent atmosphere with our friends.

For this meeting we decided to bring together this magnificent mezcal, which comes in various presentations, but they all share being 100% agave mezcal and being artisanal.

Some of the ones we were able to enjoy were: cured hibiscus mezcal, double distilled espadin, cured tamarind mezcal, etc.

They also had the pleasure of enjoying our cigars, which are always of excellent quality and pair perfectly with these flavors.

As you know, your presence is very important to us; We like to be servile, serve them and make them feel at home.

We hope everyone enjoyed this meeting as much as we did. We love socializing and trying these delicious sides, as well as being in a friendly environment.

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